Innovations for more Uptime!

The BPW Aftermarket Group supports CV workshops and vehicle operators to repair and maintain all vehicles quickly, safely, and efficiently. For this purpose, we have developed different, innovative solutions for you which aim to simplify your daily operations! We attach great importance not only to bringing spare parts from us to you, but to simplify your processes and tasks in the workshop.Our goal: More uptime for your fleet or your customers!


The solution upBox from the BPW Aftermarket Group.

With this digital and automated spare parts warehouse, you have access to the spare parts you need around the clock and without having to run your own warehouse! The upBox will be placed directly on your premises for free. Another advantage: You only pay for the spare parts when they are needed or installed!

The solution upPlace from the BPW Aftermarket Group.

In the shop solution upPlace we have integrated different features which simplify and accelerate the reliable spare part identification as well as the order for you.

The solution upLink from the BPW Aftermarket Group.

Based on the shop solution upPlace (see above) and the chassis number search contained in it, we have pushed further to simplification for you. Thanks to upLink, you no longer have to manually enter the chassis number in upPlace – it is enough to scan a QR code at the truck and / or trailer!

upPlace - Your online marketplace for more uptime

With Trucks, you can precisely determine the replacement parts for each individual vehicle based on the respective chassis number. For this purpose, we operate an extensive database for you to carry out the assignment of item number to chassis number. This principle is also possible with axle numbers for BPW applications. This search function allows you to order in seconds only the parts that fit with certainty in the vehicle or the trailer axle!

In which countries is upPlace available? Currently upPlace is already available for you in the Baltic States, Denmark, Germany, Finland, Austria, Sweden and Spain. Other countries follow!

upBox- Your personal spare parts warehouse for more Uptime

How does Outdoor upBox work? Take a look at the processes and functionality of Outdoor upBox here and discover the benefits for you!

How does upBox indoor work? Take a look at the processes and functionality of upBox indoor here and discover the benefits for you!

See how upLink works and how it can simplify your workshop workflows!